About Us

Since it was founded in 2002, Pandu is known among expatriates, social workers, and international students for its unique approach on conducting Indonesian Language Course. People highlight us for the energizing activities, cordial atmosphere, and great sense of humor. The fact is we never planned it instead Pandu personnel are entitled with their own freedom to express themselves. Pandu invests on its personnel and creates the work-life balance so that they can transcend their enjoyment to our students. One thing we know for sure about happiness, that it is contagious, in a positive way. Walking down the aisle of Pandu office, you will find that the wall is full of pictures of our students doing something extraordinary fun. Whenever we look at them we know that we are just in the right path.

Initially located in the suburb area (20 min from the downtown), Pandu office is meant to give the students quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Our office is surrounded by nice and friendly neighborhood, allowing our students to practice Bahasa Indonesia anytime they want.  However, starting in 2010 we increase our mobility by initiating “Come to Your Service” feature. Instructors come to your residence in Yogyakarta without any additional cost. It saves students time to travel, especially when they live in the inner city of Yogyakarta.


At last, our competitive price is also the appealing factor. Where else people can get extra service with less payment? Our management team makes sure our business process always runs out efficiently, so that our service becomes more accessible for people from all background. We keep our rate low without risking our signature service and quality.

Visiting Indonesia could be a life changing experience. There are around 300 distinct native ethnic groups in Indonesia, and 742 different languages and dialects, -all of them united by Bahasa Indonesia. Realizing how powerful and useful of the language, why don't you give yourself a shot to learn Bahasa Indonesia?

Invest in Bahasa, discover exceptional experience and true excitement!! 


People may confuse by being fun would mean sacrificing professionalism. Pandu is here to prove that professionalism and fun can be mixed to create the pleasant ambience

Practical Method
We are fully aware that there is no single approach in speaking Bahasa Indonesia. There are so many cues and variations, we can’t control everything. Even when you finish your lesson in class and done well in the examination, you can still find difficulty in a real situation where people you meet talk in different way. That is why we design our method to be direct and practical. Sometimes we videotape our students during in-context tutorial so that we can discuss how to improve their approach. We TAP the real experience where you speak Bahasa Indonesia in the natural way, TAPE it to bring the experience into learning process, and then TIP it for the improvement.

Regular Feedback
Every 4-5 meetings, we will conduct an evaluation to assess how good students absorb materials from previous meetings and apply them into the real life setting. Through written and spoken assessment, instructors will be able to track the students’ learning progress then to suggest feedback. Feedback, stated in the Learning Feedback form (click HERE to view the example) will given upon student's strength and areas for improvement. Later, instructors and students will sit together to discuss how to follow up the evaluation. Student may also come to our Academic Coordinator to consult some learning matters.

Competency Based
We focus in building Bahasa Indonesia competency level in every meeting, covering three components: (1) knowledge, (2) skill, and (3) attitude. As a high-context language, Bahasa Indonesia strongly depends on the cultural aspects underlying certain situation. There are some meanings between the lines. That is why teaching only the knowledge or skill is never enough. Our team will create students fluency and sensitivity in communicating with Bahasa Indonesia through competency-based-curriculum model. Below is the example of our competency model:





Buying things (Shopping)
Understanding numbers and language function used for asking  price
Ability to bargain or to inquiry more information about the stuff (warranty, return policy, etc)
Courtesy in shopping with local people


We never plan to grow  as the biggest player in this business, because we design our service to be individual and personalized into our student's need. We value individual differences since learning process is embodied in oneself. Our well-known personalized and friendly service is a result of our teamwork. The teamwork consists of young and energetic people coming from various background. We fuse our knowledge and skills, as well as excitement and passion, into a signature service which matter to our students.


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