No one knows you better than yourself! When you can't find any of our regular programs which suits your condition, no worries, we always welcome you to design your own class.

Time arrangement. Yogyakarta could be your transit point where you only spend several days
    before taking your real journey throughout Indonesia. No worries. You could arrange a class with
    us. Send your inquiry, would be better if you align which topic you want to focus. If you are not
    sure which topics might interest you, ask our Academic Coordinator to send you "Learning
    Curriculum". In contrast, if you are seeking a long-term study (e.g. over a year), you may also
    want to discuss the course with our Academic Coordinator to make most of your study.

Topics. You might be interested in particular topics (e.g. Bahasa Indonesia for business purposes)
    than general ones. Send your inquiry to us, we will customize the curriculum for you.

Venue. Interested in joining our class, but not being able to come to Yogyakarta to study? We
    provide  in-house trainings*) upon student's request. We have been sending our instructors to 
    Jakarta, Bali, and other places in Indonesia to meet our students' demand. Besides, we conduct a
    long-distance-class via Skype.

Course Fee:
USD 9 per person/ hour
+ Registration Fee USD 10 per person

*) The price might be adjusted in regards with the distance and period of the program.

Making an inquiry or joining this program is easy....

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